Artists // Bernard Hoyes - Jamaica


Bernard Hoyes, Boundless Ribbons, Oil on canvas, 100 cm x 150 cm.

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Bernard Hoyes, Rhythm of the night, Oil on canvas, 35 cm x 89 cm.

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Bernard Stanley Hoyes' professional artist career began at the early age of nine in his home town of Kingston, Jamaica. Bernard's mother sold his wood carvings and watercolours to visitors at the Jamaica Tourist Board to help maintain the household and support his creative efforts.

Hoyes first exposure to professional art education was at the Junior Art Centre, Jamaica. At age 15 he moved to New York to attend school and continue his art endeavors. A Ford Foundation Scholarship was received which allowed him to study with professional artists in a program at Vermont Academy in Saxtons River, Vermont. At the end of 1975 he moved to Los Angeles to work as a designer for the California Museum of Science and Industry.

The artist himself says: "I have been a creator of art, symbols of ancestral echoes since a child in Jamaica ... The images I convey symbolize a culmination of these ancestral echoes brought to classical form. They are contemporary, eternal in spirit and stand as praise to our existence - past, present and future."

Hoyes mural works and other special projects demonstrate his commitment to the public good. He worked with First A.M.E. Church's "In The Spirit of Contribution", which employed community youth, including African-American and Latino gang members, to get together to recognize each other's contributions to the spiritual and peaceful unity of Los Angeles, California and the U.S.

Among other things he developed a student art completion with the Jamaica Awareness Association and the California Afro-American Museum; founded the first Annual Jamaican Art Seminar & Gallery Tour sponsored by California Afro-American Museum; founded the Caribbean Cultural Institute and Caribbean Arts, Inc. a publishing and distribution company in 1982.